South Korea pioneers are through testing station with coronavirus pass

South Korea has thought of an inventive method for testing for the novel coronavirus – and it was roused by the drive-through counters at McDonalds and Starbucks, authorities state.

Here’s the manner by which it works.

In the northern city of Goyang, drivers pull in to a parking area where they are met by wellbeing laborers wearing hazardous materials suits.

Drivers at that point drive to a few stations where nurture in defensive plastic suits, covers and face shields register drivers, check their temperatures, and use swabs to take tests from their throats and nasal entries.

This is a drive-through coronavirus testing site.

Authorities state it is more secure and quicker to test for the infection at the drive-through than in an emergency clinic or wellbeing center.

“There’s less face-to-face contact,” said Lee Jae-joon, the civic chairman of Goyang. “If you operate a testing site indoors, there is concern that suspected patients can infect each other in the waiting room.”

“Many drive-throughs at places like Starbucks have come to South Korea,” they included, clarifying that wellbeing authorities were propelled to imitate their model.

At the drive-through, travelers and drivers experience the whole testing process very quickly while never escaping their vehicles.

That restrains the introduction of cutting edge laborers to the infection, says Lee Eun-sook, a specialist chipping in at the test site, and means patients can’t debase a general wellbeing office.

Weight on wellbeing framework

The epic coronavirus episode is squeezing the Korean wellbeing framework.

The quantity of affirmed cases has flooded from 31 to more than 4,200 out of about fourteen days, and in any event 26 individuals have been killed by the sickness in the nation.

In light of the emergency, South Korea has more than 500 coronavirus testing locales, which have screened in excess of 100,000 individuals.

At the point when the drive-through opened on February 26, it was the first of its sort in the nation and has tried upwards of 384 individuals in a single day.

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